As a Licensed Realtor since 2004, I am active throughout the Columbus area, with a special focus on Residential Buyers. A life-long Grandview Heights resident, I admit, I do have a special affection for small communities and older homes, but my travels take me to all areas of the city, with an expanding variety of housing options.

My career interests have been quite wide, with decades in each of the following other business areas: Foodservice/culinary/catering, hotel/hospitality, software development/sales/support, residential construction & management, and *local government.

This combined experience and over 30 years in private business operations have crafted a skillset that benefits my Real Estate Clients with dedicated personal client attention, effective communication, progressive use of technology, team leadership, and strong hands-on knowledge & skill of residential construction.

*Presently serving my 5th four-year term on Grandview Heights City Council.

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